2010: lecture annotation concepts by Dr. Alan Kingstone, Dr. Evan Risko, Dr. Tom Foulsham

2011-2012: conceptual refinement as a learning tool by Dr. Shane Dawson

With contributions from: Dr. Alan Kingstone, Dr. Negin Mirriahi, Dr. Joanna Pedersen

Development and architecture: John Bratlien (2010-Nov 2012)

With technical guidance from: Liang Shao, Shaffiq Rahemtulla

2014: pivoted into a multi-purpose interactive video platform by Thomas Dang, Dr. Fred Cutler, and Ricardo Serrano; and offered as a sustainable production service

Development and architecture: Thomas Dang (2013 onward)

Product strategy: Thomas Dang, Dr. Fred Cutler

With contributions from: Ricardo Serrano, Sharon Hu, Arts Learning Center, UBC eHealth Strategy Office, UBC School of Music

Project management: Ricardo Serrano

Service strategy: Angela Lam, Ricardo Serrano

Service operation, consultation, training, documentation: Jenny Wong, Leanna Chow, Angela Lam

In collaboration with: Sharon Hu from the Faculty of Education

Quality control and deployment strategy: Thomas Dang

Web presence, logo, and icons design: Lenkyn Ostapovich, Leanna Chow

CLAS was made possible via funding from:

  • UBC Flexible Learning Initiative
  • Faculty of Arts
  • Arts Instructional Support and IT
  • Faculty of Education
  • eHealth Strategy Office
  • Department of Psychology

We also would like to recognize the generous support by the UBC Video Share Group and UBC IT Systems Group in hosting the CLAS service at UBC