New Options to Upload and Manage Videos

Under upload & manage videos, on the most left hand area, there are now additional options for you to perform activities in bulk as well as jump to a certain area on the page. This makes it easier for you to manage multiple videos at once!

  • Bulk delete selected
  • Bulk share selected
  • Show archived videos
  • Go to upload widget
  • Go to private videos
  • Go to shared videos



The HD CLAS Experience

Published February 24, 2017
You have the option to play your CLAS videos in HD. All you need to do is check off the following option in Manage Courses & Collections then in the Customize Course & Collection tab:

  • “Favour high quality when playing video. By default CLAS favours reliability and speed”

Admin Users Can Prevent Settings Changes

Published March 2, 2017
Admin users of CLAS, there is a simple way to preserve your CLAS setting:

  • In Manage Courses & Collections then “Customize, rename, or remove course / collection” you will find the option “Check this box to prevent settings for this course from further changes:”


  • If this option is checked off, it will prevent instructors and TAs from making changes to the course settings.

View Private Annotations with Audioboard

Published February 24, 2017
In CLAS’ customization options, you have the option to select Audioboard. If this is checked off:

  • Any posts that are marked as private will be visible to the author of the post and the instructor

  • The CLAS interface will optimized for video and audio annotations


New CLAS Interface

Published February 20, 2017
  • White has replaced blue to bring a clean new look to CLAS’s layout.
  • The annotation time line now has a simpler search bar and the annotation buttons are now white, not yellow.
  • This interface increases screen brightness which can aid reading in low light conditions. Also, the soft contrast between whites and greys makes long videos more comfortable to watch.

CLAS’ Hand-in Box

Published January 19, 2017
  • Create assignment hand-in boxes in CLAS for students to submit their assignments.
  • They will be organized neatly in the instructor view making it easier for grading purposes. You can also choose to release the submissions to the whole class afterwards so students can see each others’ work.

General Comments now in Threaded Discussion Form

Published October 24, 2016
  • The latest feature available for CLAS is threaded discussions. This is an intuitive visual display of subsequent general comments that eases user interactivity. 
  • The threaded discussions apply to the general comments area below the annotation window. General comments previously made in your CLAS courses are now threaded as well!


Spoofing: Save Time and Avoid Issues in CLAS

Published September 29, 2016
CLAS has a new feature called Spoofing that allows instructor to see their CLAS course as if they were a student. You can double check that:
  • videos are visible
  • the general comments area is visible
  • the annotations window is visible

You can now check when CLAS Annotations are made

Published September 22, 2016
  • The latest update for CLAS has advanced the role of annotations through a simple feature. Annotations now display when they were made. 
  • Instructors, TAs and students can all see the date and time that annotations were posted. This is not to be confused with the place in the timeline of the video that a post is made. Check if students are leaving work to the last minute and see how quick they are to reply!

Uploading videos to CLAS just became easier

Published September 22, 2016
  • Now you can choose how you want to assign the visibility of new recordings as they upload.

  • In the “upload & manage videos” tab, use the yellow highlighted window on the right to save time and stress. Select which course you would like to upload to and select the desired visibility. It’s that easy!